Composition Lesson - Two Suns In The Sunset - Akram Mellice

Driving up the scenic Perkins Memorial Drive to the summit of Bear Mountain in upstate New York, listening to Pink Floyd and it happened that the last song before I jumped out of the car is "Two Suns In The Sunset" from the "The Final Cut" album.

It was in the afternoon almost two hours before sunset. I strolled on the mountain watching the Hudson Valley and Hudson River, it's a classic view. It was clear sky so I started to look for foreground elements. There was a tree and a bench near each other. They kind of balanced each other in a landscape orientation, so I started experimenting the shot.

Taking couple of shots and changing the angle, I noticed the setting sun is coming between the tree's branches which gives this warm starburst effect. Then I noticed the small pool under the bench, and I visualized the sun's reflection on this pool.

Inspired by Pink Floyd's song "Two Suns In The Sunset", I started fiddling with the camera angle again trying to get the starburst from both the tree's branches and the bench's leg.

Eventually after changing my position and the camera angle, I stopped down the lens to f/22 to get the maximum starburst effect. I managed to get the shot that I wanted, I got my "Two Suns In The Sunset".

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