Driving up the scenic Perkins Memorial Drive to the summit of Bear Mountain in upstate New York, listening to Pink Floyd and it happened that the last song before I jumped out of the car is "Two Suns In The Sunset" from the "The Final Cut" album.

It was in the afternoon almost two hours before sunset. I strolled on the mountain watching the Hudson Valley and Hudson River, it's a classic view. It was clear sky so I started to look for foreground elements. There was a tree and a bench near each other. They kind of balanced each other in a landscape orientation, so I started experimenting the shot.

Taking couple of shots and changing the angle, I noticed the setting sun is coming between the tree's branches which gives this warm starburst effect. Then I noticed the small pool under the bench, and I visualized the sun's reflection on this pool.

Inspired by Pink Floyd's song "Two Suns In The Sunset", I started fiddling with the camera angle again trying to get the starburst from both the tree's branches and the bench's leg.

Eventually after changing my position and the camera angle, I stopped down the lens to f/22 to get the maximum starburst effect. I managed to get the shot that I wanted, I got my "Two Suns In The Sunset".

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